ZOE Activate - Human/Sex Trafficking

Human/Sex Trafficking

Welcome to ZOE Activate!

When you hear about the issue of human trafficking...how do you feel? Do you know enough about this world-wide epidemic? Do you long to get involved, but have no idea how to get started?

At ZOE, we desire to help women grow in their understanding and awareness of women’s issues around the world...and are doing this, in part, through ZOE Activate.

Each ZOE Activate Session is a stand-alone event and will take roughly 90 minutes to complete. This edition on human/sex trafficking is the first of what will eventually be five sessions.

How does a ZOE Activate session work?

  • Appoint a facilitator. (This may be you!) The facilitator will go through the material in its entirety and do all of the exercises so that you have first-hand experiential knowledge of the material. It would be good to test all the links to be sure they are in working order. Provide hard copies of the worksheet that are downloadable in course. There will also be other materials that you will need to gather. Don't worry, we will walk you through it all!
  • Invite women to gather. This could be women from your community or church network. Ambience matters! We would encourage you to have a setting that is warm and inviting.(Think cups of tea…and cozy couches.)
  • As a facilitator you will not need to “know” the answers. You will simply create a space for conversation so that learning can occur. Trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in women’s lives inspiring them to engage in Kingdom work. You get to come alongside Him as He does His work. We can’t think of anything more exciting.
  • Invite God to be present in each session and ask for your community to be in prayer as you journey together. God has an agenda for your group!
  • ZOE Activate is not a “for profit” venture. We want quality affordable material to be available for women across Canada. We always gratefully receive donations of support at through our website at www.zoenetwork.ca

Your Instructor

Zoe Network - Le Réseau Zoe
Zoe Network - Le Réseau Zoe

Zoe courses are written by a group of pretty passionate women!

Les cours ZOE sont écrits et enseignés par un groupe de femmes passionnées!


Leanne and her husband Darcy reside in Langley, B.C. where they serve with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada as the Personnel and Family Life Director of International Mission. Leanne is passionate about linking Canadian women with the needs of women overseas as well as developing women in leadership. She is an ordained minister with the PAOC and serves on the preaching team of Living Waters Church in Fort Langley. She loves helping others understand who they were created to be and then assist them in walking it out through their passion, purpose and gifting. Darcy and Leanne have three young adult children and have just become empty nesters.


Leanne enseigne le cours IDENTITY (anglais). Elle aime aider les autres à comprendre le but pour lequel ils ont été créés, et ensuite elle les aide à cheminer dans leurs passions, leurs objectifs et leurs dons. Leanne, est ministre ordonné avec les APDC et elle coordonne le réseau Zoe, qui est composé des femmes des Assemblée de la Pentecôte du Canada. Leanne et son époux Darcy habite à Langley, en Colombie Britanique où Darcy est impliqué en tant que directeur des soins personnels et soins à la famille pour les missions internationales. Darcy et Leanne sont les parents de trois enfants adultes, et d'un jeune chien nommé Merry.


Marvelyn and her husband Gary recently returned from Southern Africa, where they served as PAOC Global workers for over a decade. While serving in Africa, Marvelyn worked as the South Africa Project Manager for Child Care Plus. She also worked with the mothers of her CCP kids and developed a leadership training program that offered micro-finance loans to women starting small businesses. Marvelyn loves to see women do well! She is now based out of London, Ontario where her husband pastors. Gary and Marvelyn have two young adult daughters who are currently furthering their studies.


Marvelyn enseigne le cours Activate (en anglais). Marvelyn et son mari sont de retour au Canada après avoir servit en tant que missionnaires en Afrique du Sud pour plus d'une décennie. Durant son service en Afrique, Marvelyn a été chargé de projet pour Child Care Plus dans le Sud de l'Afrique. Elle a aussi travaillé avec les mères des enfants de CCP et elle a développé un programme de formation au leadership qui offre des prêts à des femmes dan le but de les aider à débuter des petites entreprises. Marvelyn aime voir les femmes réussir! Elle habite maintenant à London en Ontario où sont mari est pasteur. Gary et Marvelyn sont les parents de deux filles adultes qui poursuivent leurs études.


Anne is a women of vision who desires to see every women develop their full potentiel and take the place that God has prepared for them. She is the director of Women of Vision, the new name for women's ministries in the district of Quebec of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Anne holds her diploma with Institut Biblique du Québec and she is an ordained minister with the PAOC. She is also assistant pastor in her local church alongside her husband Jim. Anne and Jim have been married for over 40 years, they have five children and one grandson.


Anne est une femme de vision qui désire voir les femmes développer leur plein potentiel divin, et prendre la place que Dieu a pour elles. Elle est directrice du ministère FEMMES DE VISION, nouvelle appellation pour les ministères de la femme du district du Québec des Assemblée de la Pentecôte du Canada. Anne est diplômé de l’Institut Biblique du Québec et ministre ordonné des APDC, et elle est pasteur-adjointe dans son assemblée locale où elle sert auprès de son mari Jim. Anne et Jim sont mariés depuis au delà de 40 ans, ils ont cinq enfants adultes et un petit-fils.

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