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Leading Ourselves

God has always used women in significant ways. Throughout history, Christian women have been mobilized in groups to bring significant social change. (Remember our brief historical tour in the IDENTITY course?) God longs to mobilize OUR generation for His purposes. To achieve today's “God-sized” dreams, we need to work together, but, we often don't know how to work together well.

The RELATE course is set up to help women work together more effectively.

Here is a course overview...

Session One: Why All the Drama?

We are relational beings, created to be in community. To achieve the “God-sized” dreams that we have been given, we need to work together. We need each other and yet often we resist one another. Insecurity is at the heart of female relational difficulties. In this session we will explore why we have all the drama and what we can do to establish healthier patterns with one another.

Session Two: Why Do I Act Like I Do?

Why do I act that way I do sometimes? This is a question that women often ask themselves. Self-awareness is an important starting point in learning healthier relational patterns. A self- aware person is someone who has taken time to get to know themselves; their patterns, “buttons” and insecurities. They are growing in ability to discern what is going on in their inner world. In this session we will explore who we can grow in self-awareness. We must take personal responsibility for out behaviours and reactions.

Session Three: Oh No! We Disagree.

Conflict can be scary…but it is not the end of the world! Whenever you have people interacting you will have differences of opinion. Resolving this differences effectively greatly impacts the health of relationships. Resolving conflict is a learnable skill and in this session we will cover practical steps to conflict resolution. We will also identify our natural “conflict style.”

Session Four: Choosing a Better Way

When we cooperate with Jesus as He transforms our lives and relationships, He will ask us to do uncomfortable things…including having difficult conversations. Instead of resorting to relational aggression, we choose to deal with our relational difficulties directly and fairly, which in turn helps us to establish new relational patterns. When we continually avoid the issues, because we want to be comfortable, there is an immeasurable cost to ourselves and our community. This session we will explore how to have difficult conversations.

Session Five: Look at How Far We Have Come

This is not easy stuff! Maturing is not for the faint of heart. In this session we will take time to celebrate the steps, both big and small, that we have taken in this area. While we are not yet where we will be one day, we have taken the time to better understand ourselves and the part that we play in our relational challenges. We have taken personal responsibility for ourselves as we continue to work towards greater relational health.

What people are saying...

RELATE honestly addresses the good, bad and ugly of female relationships, and invites us to identify our own behaviour, with an eye to seeing women - all women, including ourselves - thrive.This curriculum is unlike any other women’s small group material I’ve seen. It is stunning in its breadth, powerful in its honesty, and unlimited in its life-shaping potential. - Patti Miller, Lead pastor of Evangel Pentecostal Church in Montreal, Quebec

RELATE wisely empowers us as leaders to better understand ourselves from a human perspective, and teaches us the necessary communication and conflict resolution skills we need to effectively navigate the often tenuous terrain of leading others. – Elizabeth Pierce, Clinical Social Worker and Board Chair for Gather Women

Through the RELATE course you’ll gain practical tools to help you maneuver through those sticky relational issues while growing in your personal emotional health; ‘cause you really can’t have one without the other. – Sherry Stahl, John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer & Life Coach, Author and Soul H2O Blogger

One of the things our women loved about the ZOE Courses was how personalized the journey became - no other curriculum that we've experienced in our churches allowed for that. Through the ZOE journey we confronted our fears, became active seekers of truth, carefully evaluated our journey to date, and confidently allowed ourselves to embrace a new future marked by faith in God and a deeply held belief that we are each called and chosen. Carmen K., Saskatchewan

The RELATE course empowers women to step into who God created and called them to be. – Joanne K., British Columbia

I haven't seen any other curriculum that empower women to go and be all God has created them to be. The videos are short enough that you're not overloaded with content. The homework and discussion allows for a lot of processing time for the content. – Loralie P., Alberta

Your Instructor

Zoe Network - Le Réseau Zoe
Zoe Network - Le Réseau Zoe

Zoe courses are written by a group of pretty passionate women!

Les cours ZOE sont écrits et enseignés par un groupe de femmes passionnées!


Leanne McAlister is the lead developer of ZOE Resources. She is an ordained minister with PAOC and holds her Masters of Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University. She is also an accredited leadership coach through Essential Impact. Leanne and her husband Darcy divide their time between Asia and Canada working with leaders. Their areas of expertise include shared leadership, women in leadership, self-leadership, team building and marriage coaching. They use coaching, mentoring, speaking and team building to support leaders in their growth. Leanne and Darcy recently became grandparents!


Leanne enseigne le cours IDENTITY (anglais). Elle aime aider les autres à comprendre le but pour lequel ils ont été créés, et ensuite elle les aide à cheminer dans leurs passions, leurs objectifs et leurs dons. Leanne, est ministre ordonné avec les APDC et elle coordonne le réseau Zoe, qui est composé des femmes des Assemblée de la Pentecôte du Canada. Leanne et son époux Darcy habite à Langley, en Colombie Britanique où Darcy est impliqué en tant que directeur des soins personnels et soins à la famille pour les missions internationales. Darcy et Leanne sont les parents de trois enfants adultes, et d'un jeune chien nommé Merry.


Anne is a women of vision who desires to see every women develop their full potentiel and take the place that God has prepared for them. She is the director of Women of Vision, the new name for women's ministries in the district of Quebec of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Anne holds her diploma with Institut Biblique du Québec and she is an ordained minister with the PAOC. She is also assistant pastor in her local church alongside her husband Jim. Anne and Jim have been married for over 40 years, they have five children and one grandson.


Anne est une femme de vision qui désire voir les femmes développer leur plein potentiel divin, et prendre la place que Dieu a pour elles. Elle est directrice du ministère FEMMES DE VISION, nouvelle appellation pour les ministères de la femme du district du Québec des Assemblée de la Pentecôte du Canada. Anne est diplômé de l’Institut Biblique du Québec et ministre ordonné des APDC, et elle est pasteur-adjointe dans son assemblée locale où elle sert auprès de son mari Jim. Anne et Jim sont mariés depuis au delà de 40 ans, ils ont cinq enfants adultes et un petit-fils.

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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