Group Discussion

In your prework this week, you watched a Rachel Simmons interview. Rachel Simmons suggests that the unresolved issues of Relational Aggression from the past, manifest in adulthood in negative ways. She says women do not trust one another and therefore avoid other women in the workplace. This avoidance deprives us of potential leaders, as women are fearful of standing out and bringing opportunity for aggression. So instead they fade into the wood work, (we don’t want people thinking we think we are “all that”) and essentially create glass ceilings for themselves.

It is time to share your reflections from your homework. Use the following questions as prompts:

  • What past experiences do you remember with Relational Aggression? Either with yourself or in your friend group?
  • Rachel says that there is no “old girls club” because there are a lot of “odd girls out” running around. Would you agree or disagree? Has the past affected you into adulthood?
  • Do you see “relational aggression” in your adult interactions?