Course Overview

Session One: Why All the Drama?

We are relational beings, created to be in community. To achieve the “God-sized” dreams that we have been given, we need to work together. We need each other and yet often we resist one another. Insecurity is at the heart of female relational difficulties. In this session we will explore why we have all the drama and what we can do to establish healthier patterns with one another.

Session Two: Why Do I Act Like I Do?

Why do I act that way I do sometimes? This is a question that women often ask themselves. Self-awareness is an important starting point in learning healthier relational patterns. A self- aware person is someone who has taken time to get to know themselves; their patterns, “buttons” and insecurities. They are growing in ability to discern what is going on in their inner world. In this session we will explore how we can grow in self-awareness. We must take personal responsibility for out behaviours and reactions.

Session Three: Oh No! We Disagree.

Conflict can be scary…but it is not the end of the world! Whenever you have people interacting you will have differences of opinion. Resolving these differences effectively greatly impacts the health of relationships. Resolving conflict is a learnable skill and in this session we will cover practical steps to conflict resolution. We will also identify our natural “conflict style.”

Session Four: Choosing a Better Way

When we cooperate with Jesus as He transforms our lives and relationships, He will ask us to do uncomfortable things…including having difficult conversations. Instead of resorting to relational aggressions, we choose to deal with our relational difficulties directly and fairly, which in turn helps us to establish new relational patterns. When we continually avoid the issues, because we want to be comfortable, there is an immeasurable cost to ourselves and our community. This session we will explore how to have difficult conversations.

Session Five: Look at How Far We Have Come

This is not easy stuff! Maturing is not for the faint of heart. In this session we will take time to celebrate the steps, both big and small, that we have taken in this area. While we are not yet where we will be one day, we have taken the time to better understand ourselves and the part that we play in our relational challenges. We have taken personal responsibility for ourselves as we continue to work towards greater relational health.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Understood the value of collaboration
  • Identified the relational patterns that undermine their own leadership
  • Constructed a Family Genogram
  • Examined conflict and identified their own conflict style
  • Completed a “crucial conversation” and reported on it
  • Mapped out a Self-leadership plan for “Building their core”