The Story Behind this Course.

ZOE Discipleship was born out of a passion to empower, activate and mobilize women into the mission of God, in both their local communities and around the globe.

The first course, called IDENTITY, helps women recognize and understand their gifts and abilities, and how they are uniquely positioned to participate in God's mission. It is exciting to see women take risks and blossom, enjoying a new-found confidence as they begin to dream "God-sized" dreams.

To achieve “God-sized” dreams, however, we need to work together. As women, we need each other and yet often we resist one another. Why is that and what can we do about it? It is out of these questions that the RELATE course was created.

RELATE helps women see and understand the complicated female relational patterns that can entangle them. It teaches women healthier relational strategies. When women learn to work well together, they are then free to move forward with those "God-sized" dreams that they hold.

As always, this course...which is called RELATE, is the result of collective effort. IDENTITY is being used in almost every province in Canada and has recently "gone global," being used in Australia.

Curriculum produced through ZOE DISCIPLESHIP will continue to be collaborative in nature and Canadian in origin. We long to create practical resources that can be used in a variety of contexts and enable leaders to continue raising women for God-sized dreams.

May you be blessed by these efforts!