Course Overview

We love to see women GROW and this course is designed to help you do just that!

Here is what you can expect:

Session One: Acknowledging God's Unique Deposit

When you hear the word “Leader”, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself as a leader? Women tend to disqualify themselves from leadership all of the time, thinking “that’s just not me!” What if leadership was simply influence and it was possible to be influential in many different ways?

Session Two: The Power of Women Released

Women have always played an important part in God’s economy. We believe that God still uses women! He never stopped!In this session we will look at this history of women leading in the church.

Session Three: The Power of God's Story in Your Life

God has had His eye on you from the beginning. Scripture tells us that “long before He laid down earth’s foundation, He had “His eye on us!” God has been developing you for purpose your entire life! In this session we will look at Robert Clinton’s work on the making of a leader and process your leadership timeline. Your timeline will help you see the story God is (and has always been) unfolding in your life.

Session Four: The Power of Courage

Leadership demands that we stretch ourselves. Sometimes we are able to push ourselves to meet the challenge before us and sometimes we resist and pull back. Our ability to rise to steeper challenges and take risks often rests on our current level of confidence. In this session we will look at how we can build our confidence.

Session Five: The Power of Next Steps

It is important to process what we are learning and this is always done best within community. In this session we will spend time sharing the insights gained from this course and talk about your “next steps.”

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Defined your unique strengths and spiritual gifts.
  • Examined women and leadership and analyzed your personal attitudes and/or misgivings towards it.
  • Identified your own preunderstandings related to the Biblical mandate for women in leadership and created a plan for further study as needed.
  • Completed a Leadership Timeline to identify and shared a “Turning Point” in your personal journey
  • Mapped out your“next steps” for the further personal development.