About The Authors

ZOE Discipleship is an initiative of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, International Missions. We believe that every woman is given a unique "deposit" of gifts and passions that God wants to use for His purposes! Through ZOE Discipleship , we empower, activate and mobilize everyday women to respond to the nudging of God.

We also do this through ZOE Projects, which connect Canadians with the work that Global workers and National Partners are doing with women around the globe. We work in four keys areas: Health, Human Trafficking, Economic Empowerment and Education…all with a heart for spiritual transformation. ZOE Projects educates and offers tangible avenues to get involved. You can see more here: www.zoenetwork.ca

ZOE is a “not for profit” venture. We want quality affordable development material to be available for women across Canada. If you want to invest in further curriculum being developed, you can donate here: https://paoc.org/donate/zoeprojectsleadershiphelpingwomenthrive

Leanne McAlister is the instructor for the IDENTITY course. Leanne loves to help others understand who they are and what they were created for.
She is an ordained minister with the PAOC, coordinates the ZOE Network, which is the women of the PAOC.

Leanne and her husband Darcy reside in Langley, B.C. where Darcy also serves with the PAOC as the Personnel and Family Life Director of International Mission. Darcy and Leanne have three young adult children, all of which will be married within 11 months this year!