The Story Behind This Course

Leadership is born the moment someone says, "Someone has got to do something!"

That moment occurred for Leanne McAlister in 2011. As an associate pastor at Living Waters Church in Fort Langley, BC, Leanne saw many capable and gifted women who continually undervalued their gifts and abilities. When approached to lead or try new things, women would back away, thinking they did not have "what it takes."

Leanne began to share her observations with Julie Simeon, a friend and leader at Living Waters. They together decided to figure out a way to raise female leaders in their community. They put on the tea kettle and invited women to Leanne's home. Leanne and Julie began to write and assemble curriculum which they believed would help women understand who they were and what they were created for. Those first few cohorts graciously allowed Leanne and Julie to experiment on them!

Immediately, Leanne and Julie knew they were on to something, as they watched women blossom, understanding their identity and growing in confidence to walk out in new things.

The Eastern Ontario District of the PAOC, caught wind of what was happening at Living Waters Church and invited Leanne to begin testing the curriculum in Ontario. Over the next two years the curriculum continued to be tested and improved with many hands and eyes passing over it.

This course...which is called IDENTITY is the result of that collective effort. IDENTITY is being used in almost every province in Canada and has recently "gone global," being used in Australia.

Curriculum produced through ZOE DISCIPLESHIP will continue to be collaborative in nature and Canadian in origin. We long to create practical resources that can be used in a variety of contexts and enable leaders to continue raising women for God-sized dreams.

May you be blessed by these efforts!